Vehicle services

>Vehicles Maintenance and Services in 2500 Km and 5000 Km,

>We have Two eqiupped workshop for these vehicles maitenance in Kabul city,

>Engine Oil in different companies ,

>Break Oil in different companies,

>Vehicle Spare Parts.

>Tire of Vehicles in different tipe.

Electronic equpments

> Computer Laptop and desktop in different model,

> IT Services and Fiber Optic technicians,

> Printer in sevral kinds.

> TV in different sizes.

> DVD in different companies

> CD Player. Camera. Portable (Mobile) Phone.

> Motorola Radio GP 388 Original.

> Air Condition, Sumsung, Super General in ( 9000- 12000- 18000 – 24000- 36000 BTU )

> Electric Stov 220v,

> Electric Cabal and wire in different sizes from Turkish, Germany and Pak companies,

> Washing Machine Water Heater Vacuum Cleaners

Different services

Provides Diesel Generator on different Voltages

Diesel Generator Spare Parts,

Office Furniture,

Stationary Services,

Sporting goods,

Wooden Services,

Conex 20" and 40"

Construction Material, Cement, Steel-bar, Brick, Gravel etc.

Plumbing services

We have excellent sewer engineers, plumbing technicians to provide excellent plumbing any where in afghanistan.

We provide PVC, UPVC, CPVC in USA standards in different sizes.

Medicine services

Import Medicine from the best medical companies.

Import Medical Equipments from the Famous companies.

Distribute the Medicine to other pharmacies in Kabul city and all provinces.

Oil / Fuel services

> Diesel in high quality,

> Petrol in high quality,

> Golden Group Company (GGC) has 120,000 liters oil capacity with two tanks in Kabul.

> One tank with 60,000 liters fuel capacity in Jalal Abad city,

> Two fuel tanks with 120,000 liters capacity with all security possibilities in Mazar-e-Sharif,

> Having 15 Oil tankers for transporting the company fuel from Hairatan border to other provinces,

> Having three Petroleum pumps in Kabul, for dispensing diesel and petrol fuel for our contractor and in retail to vehicles.

> Having Two Petroleum pumps in Mazar-e-Sharif City for dispensing diesel and Petrol fuel for our contractor and retail to vehicles,

> Having Petroleum pumps in Jalal Abad, Kandahar, Konduz, Gardiz, and Heart Cities for dispensing diesel and petrol fuel for our contractor and retail to Vehicles,

> The Golden Group Company is able and has the capacity to provide fuel in high quality in all provinces in Afghanistan on time, through on Petroleum pumps, Small tankers and big tankers with liter measure,