Rental Bus Services

> Large Bus (50) Passenger

> Costar Bus (22) Passenger.

> Haice Bus (14) Passenger

> Town Ace Bus (8)

> Passenger Rental Transportation for Providing Shuttle Services, Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army and for Companies, (Commuter bus)

Rental Transportation of Quck paced cars

> Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicle

> Toyota Prado Vehicle

> Toyota Surf Vehicle

> Toyota Pick up Vehicle

> Toyota Corolla vehicle

Vehicle Maintenance

and Workshop

Having two fully active vehicle reapiring workshops in Kabul city and experainced vehicle machinical experts and a portable unit for emergency needs. We also provide repairing services for all kinds of generators with different capacities. These workshops are fully equiped with all kinds spare parts for both armored and unarmored vehicles.

Our Workshop

Rental Transportation of Heavy Vehicles

> Crane 2.5 ton - 5 ton – 10 ton

> Crane 15 ton – 20 ton – 25 ton

> Crane 30 ton- 40 ton – 50 ton

> Crane Truck Fork lift in different kinds

> Truck 40" and 20" for carrying the Conex and Stuff

> Tank wagon for Emptying the Septic Tank

> Small Truck according to needs

> Freezer Truck in different sizes

Rental Transportation of Construction Vehicles

> Mixer Truck and Loader,

> Benz Truck for Carrying the Construction Materials,

> Vehicle for Digging Ground and etc,